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ZZZ Solutions Unlimited practices the art of problem solving in Providence, Rhode Island. We are experts in information technology, and the tools with which enterprise class systems are developed. With expertise in Java, C/C++, HTML/XML, JavaScript, Perl, TCP/IP, Unix, Linux, and Web technologies, we can develop the complex solutions needed in today's fast changing world. It is our belief that solutions based upon open systems and industry standards yield the greatest long term benefits.

We provide services to clients in the southern New England area. Our web site offers free software and resources to developers, and a variety of information that may be of general interest. Thanks for stopping by our virtual home.

David Harris
Chief Problem Solver
ZZZ Solutions Unlimited
Waterplace Park, Providence Skyline from Waterplace Park

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What's Inside:

  • Java
  • Unix, Linux
  • Free Software
  • JavaScript
  • Web Technologies
  • Standards
  • C/C++
  • The Jazz Project
  • Links, etc.

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